About Us

Introducing Excelo Consulting Engineers

Established in 2019, Excelo Consulting Engineers is an up-and-coming group of engineering professionals that are changing the game.

Our people have decades of experience that has enabled us to provide the most economical and practical solution to our clients.

From humble beginnings, year-on-year, we have experienced enormous growth across all of our engineering sectors.

We simply attribute this success to our values:

What sets us apart?

Our people are recognised to go the distance for our clients. We understand to succeed in this everchanging and competitive environment, we must provide exceptional value and service.

While others try to provide every engineering service, we limited our services to ensure we provide our clients with expertise and specialised advice in our niche of structural, civil, diagnostic, facades, and remedial engineering.

What are we about?

Our client’s success is our success. We are all about delivering on what we promise.

We understand that our client has commitments, and we play a significant role in delivering on these commitments.

We understand the fundamental principle that we must exceed our client’s expectations to reach our long-term goals of being a significant player in this industry.