Our People

The Leadership Team


Principal Engineer
B.Eng  (Civil) B.Bus (Finance) CPEng NER MIE Aust.

  • IRATA Level 1 Rope Technician
  • Chartered Engineer in Civil and Structural Discipline with Engineers Australia.
  • Principal Design Practioner under NSW Design and Building Practioner Act.
  • Design Practitioner for Civil & Strucutral Engineering and Facade under NSW Design and Building Practioner Act.
  • Professional Engineer in Civil & Structural under NSW Design and Building Practioner Act.

Jimmy has gained a reputation within the industry to get the job done while providing our clients with the best possible outcome.
As a Chartered Engineer with over 10 years of experience in construction and engineering, Jimmy is called on to provide expert advice in structural, civil, remedial, diagnostic, and facade engineering.
Jimmy is also an IRATA trained rope technician and often specifically requested by clients to provide urgent make-safe advice to mitigate the risk of injury to the public.
Jimmy has headed up a number of prominent remedial projects over the years and had the opportunity to have worked alongside top-tier contractors where he gained a practical perspective on remedial strategies.
He has extensive knowledge and understanding of the BCA, Australian Standards, and legislation within the building sector where utilises in assessing causation of damage for Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Brokers, and Strata Managers.


Facade Specialist

Peter has translated this depth of practical façade experience into the auditing of as-built system the process of façade audits (IRATA Rope Access, BMU and most recently AI derived systems) throughout Australia and has assessed façade commercial construction practices as employed in structures ranging from the year 1890 to the present day, with subsequent co-ordination of requisite façade remediation works.

Peter has undertaken composite cladding intrusive investigations, sampling, and testing assessments for commercial and strata properties across Australia, with subsequent generation of remediation scope and specification documentation. And most recently overseen the development of a world first digital façade audit system, incorporating photogrammetry, thermography, and machine learning (algorithm derived) defect analysis.

Over the past 23yrs Peter has been actively involved in the day to day running of commercial Façade projects valued up to US $45 Million Dollars (With overall project values that have ranged from US $6 Billion dollars to US $20 Million Dollars), these ongoing roles have afforded him with a deep understanding of the machinations of large-scale commercial construction projects along with exposure to the latest and most effective construction and safety management practices. Based on this background, education, and experiences Peter is able to facilitate works so that the best available outcome is presented and implemented, be that through the Client, Architectural representatives, sub-contractors or in-house staff

Over the past 20yrs Peter has focused predominately on Facade related elements throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions region, with direct experience in the following elements:

  • IRATA rope access façade inspection and assessment’s
  • Composite Cladding Remediation: Compliance, removal, and replacement
  • Metallic Cladding System
  • Light weight roofing and wall systems: Aluminium, ETFE, PVC, ‘Insulated Sandwich’ panels
  • Thermal Ventilation systems.
  • Acoustic and thermal build ups for building envelopes
  • Prefabricated panelised wall cladding
  • Prefabricated curtain wall glazing
  • Point fixed glazing/tensioned glass
  • High security facade elements (FEBR): Ballistic, Blast and forced entry system


Structural Engineer/Project Manager
B.Eng  (Civil)

Hieu is our Structural Engineer with extensive experience in project management and residential dwelling structural designs.
As the client-side Project Manager, Hieu was responsible for the completion of a major three-level age care facility in south-west Sydney with an estimate value of $9 million.
Having worked in the construction industry, Hieu provides our team with a wealth of real and practical experience in which he incorporates into his structural designs.


Building Consultant

Peter, who has a decade of experience in the residential building sector, has been instrumental in assisting us with determining the extent of repairs required for insurance claims and preparing reports on strata building defects.

He actively participates in the residential building industry and holds the position of director at 2N2 constructions.

Additionally, he also conducts pre-purchase building inspections.