Balustrades & Barriers

Are your balustrades safe? Do they meet the Building Code of Australia or other relevant Australian standards?

Balustrades can also be referred to as a railing, handrail, or parapet. They are installed on the side or edge of the staircase or balcony to prevent occupants from falling and are often made of concrete, steel, and timber.

It is important as a property owner to undertake regular checks and maintain the barriers of your home, as they may become a serious safety risk to occupants if they are not built or maintained properly.

There are a variety of factors that can affect the structural safety of a balustrade including:

  • Loadings – large quantity of people or heavy items. Balustrade may not have been designed to support extra weight and may collapse upon overloading.
  • Termites – Often Timber balustrades pose a termite risk which therefore, appropriate timber and treatment is required.
  • Corrosive effects – Unprotected steel structures can be subjected to corrosion (rust), particularly in coastal areas.

What can ECE do for you?

It is important that all homeowners and commercial property owners with balustrades or balconies, regularly check for signs of damage. If you continue to question the safeness of your balustrade or balcony, or are worried about the stability of it, it is best to avoid the area, restrict access and contact a Structural Engineers like us.  

Excelo Consulting Engineers prioritise your safety and will carefully inspect and determine the full scale of the problem and ensuring that it meets the Building Code of Australia or other relevant Australian standards.

Your safety is our priority. Get in touch today.