Shop Awnings

Overtime, shop awnings can be seen to deteriorate in condition and may collapse and cause injury or death of a person.

Local councils across Australia have recently reiterated their concern and consequences on aged awnings in need of repair in light of the recent accidents involving the collapse of Shopfront awnings.

Often, Shopfront awning structures may become defective due to wall cracking, corroded steel elements or other construction related deficiencies that raise a potential public health hazard and may cause death or injury to an individual/s if appropriate action is not taken. 

ECE is able to inspect your Shop Awnings and advise the most appropriate plan of action in keeping everyone safe even before it becomes a public health hazard.

Simple Shop Awning Certification Process


Our qualified National Engineering Register (NER) structural engineer will attend and inspect your awning. The Engineer will inspect all elements inclusive of the internal enclosed members (if required and reasonably accessible)


We will provide you with an awning report based on our findings. The report will include the required repairs (if any) to be undertaken for certification.


Repairs are only required if the shop awning is deemed unsafe or suitable for the certification period. Depending on the condition of the awning, the report will specify if any additional inspection is required or if photo evidence is necessary.


Upon satisfactory of the repairs (if any), our team will issue a structural certificate for the shop awning structure required by the council.

Contact us today to get your Shop Awning certified.